All you need to know about Resins

History of Resin:

Ambers are resins in natural form. Thus, resin’s history dates back to centuries as this unique compound has been around for a very long time. You can spot resins in nature. Apart from the resins that appear in nature, they can also be made synthetically and resins that are made that way are available for jewelry, art, crafts, etc.

People from ancient cultures used resins in their beverages and even used them to smoke up to feel high. They also believed that amber, when rubbed, could produce an electrical charge. Resins are also used to protect the floors, countertops, etc.

Types of Resins:

While there are different types of resins available out there to create great pieces of art, each one is unique and comes with different properties. Each type can be chosen according to the medium that the artist chooses to create art with. For beginners, the ideal option is Epoxy Resin as it is the easiest option. It can also be used to create jewelry and other objects using molds. Here are some of the types of resins that can be used to create art.

Epoxy Resin
Epoxy Resin is the most commonly known resin type among artists. The pot time of Epoxy Resin ranges somewhere between 30-40 minutes and it takes around 24-72 hours to get hardened. It resists heat to a great extent and comes with exceptional adhesive properties. However, with all these properties that make Epoxy Resin the best option for art, it is a tad bit expensive when compared to other types of resin.

UV Resin
UV Resins can be used for bonding and sealing as it is polymerized and is cured with the energy radiated from UV radiation devices. It is commonly used in jewelry making to create an enameled look. It is also used by artists to seal collages. It is comparatively easier to be cured as it takes only a few minutes under a UV lamp. UV Resins can also do without a hardening agent.

Polyester Resin or Fiberglass Resin
Polyester Resin or Fiberglass Resin is commonly used in the construction industry. It is heat resistant, and flexible and you don’t have to spend a bomb to buy it. The pot time required by this type of resin is a few minutes and it takes over 12 hours to cure. It provides a hard finish and renders a shiny and seamless look after a bit of sanding and buffing. The only downside is that it turns yellow after a while.

Polyurethane Resin
Polyurethane Resin is usually used for coating and sealing furniture, floors, etc. They are used for plastic coating and product finishing. However, it is sensitive to moisture and this makes it difficult for it to cure well in a humid climate. This may also require special color additives due to the same reason.


Choosing the right resin:

There are various factors that you need to take into consideration while choosing the right resin. Pot time is an inevitable factor to be considered. Pot time is the time that it takes for the viscosity of the solution to double. Cure time is yet another factor to be considered. It is the time that the resin takes to harden completely. You also need to assess the working life of the resin, which is the time that can be taken to use the resin for coating and casting before it begins to get hard. You will also require clarity, that determines how much crystal clear finish the resin provides. Better the clarity, higher the cost, but it always provides an accurate result. Epoxy resin is the resin type with better clarity, and polyurethane comes in opaque white.

Resin in Art and Craft:

Resin is being used by many artists around the globe to create amazing pieces of art. It is mainly used in jewelry making to make beautiful rings, pendants, charms, and much more. You could even start a business of your own and sell the jewelry made that way. Resins are also used to coat items such as tables, stools, broken china, etc. You could apply resin to preserved items such as feathers, leaves, dried flowers, butterflies, etc, and turn them into beautiful pieces of timeless art.

To conclude, Resin is an amazing material that comes in handy to create amazing pieces of art. Having a clear understanding of Resin, and how it can help you beautify your art can help you big time in your journey as an artist. Choose the right resin with the right properties to create what you desire, and it will give you exceptional results!

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