About Us

One thing that put humans so far ahead than any other species, is our ability to communicate and coach our fellow humans even the most complex of art, music and science. MadCap is a human initiative to turn people who appreciate art into creators of it.  Welcome to The Workshop and get ready to become the Artist you always wanted to become.


Here, some of the most exciting creators teach the enthusiasts their craft.  They do it in a way that can only be organized by MadCap. It's fun, educative and the learning is quick. Really cool way to upgrade yourself, over a weekend!


Browse around in here, see the kinda stuff that thousands of future artists are learning. If you find something that talks to your spark, signup for the workshop!

and yea, we've been doing this for over 3 years and have been thanked by 15434 Learners, who felt more alive learning art from us.  That's from over 900 workshops and counting.

Okay, welcome!