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Did Acrylic Painting for the first time. Loved the result after attending the workshop conducted by MadCap


This was the first time I had attended an art workshop trained under the supervision of a Professional Artist. It was an immense pleasure to learn the skill. Thanks to MadCap for making this happen in a professional way.

Harshitha Nath

MadCap has been wonderful in making these workshops available during these testing times. These workshops have helped me in moving forward in my art journey. Thanks a ton ! Looking forward to more learning experiences.

Ruhi Kumar

Thanks for organizing this workshop. I enjoyed drawing along very much. Also the structure of the session and teaching gives good starting point for drawing flower on my own.

Mireille Schiffelers

Madcap had organised it well. And the workshop was very extensive , it was well paced, clearly explained, lots of new patterns were taught , common techniques were discussed, sufficient materials were shared for future reference too. It was totally worth 2 hours of time . Great !

Srividya B

Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful online workshop during this period. Kudos to your entire team. This workshop not only engaged me in doing something but it was also very informative.


I am so happy with my latest Wall art. Few days back I attended a Mandala Workshop organized by MadCap. Thank you for the beautiful workshop.


Thank you for the amazing session. Learnt a lot of practical information. More importantly, it was an interactive workshop. Kudos !


The recorded session was so clear ! It works so well for moms like me who have time after kids go to bed. The artist was patient and knowledgeable. The camera position was great. Thank You !


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